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Pagination Class

This classes uses array or a SQL query to produce a pagination list of links. It also produce the SQL for retrieving the next set of values from the database.


Set paging = New Pagination
	paging.base_url = "library/pagination"
	paging.order_by = "order by field"
	paging.sql 		= "sample sql here"
	page_links		= paging.create_links
	table_sql		= paging.create_sql
	table_count		= paging.getCount
Set paging = Nothing

write = write & page_links


Definitions for Pagination Class
Preference DefaultOptionsDescription
base_url Required Text This is the URL to build the pagination links
conn Required Text The connection number
sql Required Text (Valid SQL Statement) This is the SQL Statement that creates the count and the pagination query.
order_by Required Text This is the order by field
order_type optional Text default is ASC
per_page optional Integer Default: 10
segment optional Integer Default: 3
first_link optional Text Default: First
last_link optional Text Default: Last
next_link optional Text Default: >
prev_link optional Text Default: <
separator optional Text Default: space
num_links optional Text This is the max number of links around the current link
only_nextprev optional TRUE or FALSE (boolean) This shows the links or just the Next and Prev Links
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