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Query Helpers

The benifit of these helpers are the inserts and updates are all excaped to limit errors on the database side.
Debug SQL: debug_sql(sql Var)

Validate SQL: validate_sql(sql Var)  returns bool

Count Functions

Count All: count_all("test_table")
Builds: select count(*) as count_all from [test_table] 

Count Where: count_where("test_table", array("field1","value","field2",12))
Builds: select count(*) as count_all from [test_table] where field1 = 'value'  and field2 = '12' 

Count Sql: count_sql("sql")
Return an Integer: 23

Select Functions

Select All: select_all("test_table")
Builds: select * from test_table

Get Single Value from a Table get_single_value(table,db,field,where) 

Create an Array from a Select Statement: create_sql_array(sql, order, db, please_select)

Insert Functions

Insert: insert("test_table", array("field1","value with ' single quote","field2",12))
Builds: insert into  [test_table] ([field1],  [field2]) values ( 'value with '' single quote' ,  12)

Update Functions

Update: Update("test_table", array("field1","value with ' single quote","field2",12), array("ID",12)) 
Builds: update [test_table] set [field1] = 'value with '' single quote' ,  [field2] = 12  where ID = '12' 

Delete Functions

delete: delete(array("test_table",array("ID",12)) 
Builds: delete from [test_table] where ID = '12' 
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