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HTML Helpers

Anchor Example:

All urls have a valid title tag for SEO, plus are fully qualified
Code: anchor("index","Link with no Style",""")
Output: Link with no Style

Code: anchor("index","Link with Style Added",array("style","color: red;"))
Output: Link with Style Added

Code: anchor_popup("index","Link with Style Added",Attributes (Array), Pop Attributes (Array))
Output Custom: Link with Style Added
Output Defualt: Link with Style Added

Mailto: Example:

Code: mailto("mark@stocksfoundation.com","Email Me")
Output: Email Me

Remove HTML: Example:

Code: remove_html("<strong>This Text should be bold</strong>")
Output: This Text should be bold

Title Tags: Example:

Code: h1("Title Here Test")
Code: h2("Title Here Test")
Code: h3("Title Here Test")
Code: h4("Title Here Test")

Simple Ordered List:

Code: ul(array("Test", "Another One"))
  • Test
  • Another One
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