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Form Helpers

Form Helpers
form_open("url") Opens the form with the URL, if URL is blank, then the page posts to it's self.
form_open_multipart This function is absolutely identical to the form_open() tag above except that it adds a multipart attribute, which is necessary if you would like to use the form to upload files with.
form_hidden("name","value") Hidden input type
form_input("name","value",Array, TRUE) Creates a valid input button and checks if a value exists. You can also add additonal values with an array. Boolean states that the form nees to show invalid CSS and Image
form_password("name","value",Array) Same as form_input, but creates a Password Text Box
form_dropdown("name",Array,"value",Array, TRUE) Creates a dropdown box, and pre-selects the option off of the value
form_textarea("name","value") Same as form_input, but creates a Textarea Box
form_checkbox("name","value",selected,Array) Creates a checkbox field
form_radio("name","value",selected,Array) Creates a redio button
form_submit("name","value") Basic Submit Button
form_close("<br />") Closes the form, plus adds any ending HTML
write_form_div(pLabel,pName,pReg,pForm) Write a correct div, and a label
write_form_td(pLabel,pName,pReg,pForm) Write a correct TD, TR, and a label

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