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Common Helpers

Check for a varible exists: does_exists(LocalVal)
Create Unique Query ID: create_queryid, example:
Show Page Infomation: show_site_info( hide / show)
	URL: localhost - (C)
	Page Rendered: 3/4/2009 8:02:57 PM
Page Execution Time: page_execute(STARTTIME), example: 0 seconds
Checks for illegal values in a SQL statement: kill_illegal(val) 

Checks to see if val is a number: is_number(val) return number or 0 if false

Regex Search: reg_search(var, regex_pattern) returns bool

Regex Replace: reg_replace(var, regex_pattern, replace_with) returns value

letternumber(var) return Letter

Post Helper

post(pName,pDefault) - This validates the data, and sets a default if one is given.
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